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Capture the moment ] jowonjin, Hong Joon-pyo of. we caught gimgyeongsu

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It's a scene from the JSA Joint Security Area. 

This shows a South Korean soldier giving chocolate cookies to a North Korean soldier. 

(Choco Pie Eating) 
"Nathan, will you come down? 
You can eat a chocolate pie belly." 

"Hey Lee Soo-hyuk, my dream is. One day our republican nation 
They make more delicious snacks than they do in the South." 

In the movie, the South and North Korean soldiers secretly exchanged friendship with Choco Pie, but in the military demarcation line, they did this. 

"Hey. Hey. It's over the shadow. Be careful." 

From the day after tomorrow, the working conditions of South and North Korean soldiers in JSA, the Joint Security Area, changed greatly. 

The South's outpost is located in the North, and the North's outpost is located in the South, not in the South, but alongside each other. Weapons that were aiming at each other also disappear. 

This place, which used to be a symbol of division, has a peaceful atmosphere. 

However, since the military has been disarmed, additional measures such as measures against South and North Korea are also needed. 

A young child in a stroller came out into the street. 

The phrase "You've got a box of grapes, children's snacks" is impressive. 

This is a rally last weekend to denounce corruption in private kindergarten. 

Many people, as well as parents, are angry about the illegal private kindergartens, but they seem to have lost their minds. 

[Incheon ○○ Kindergarten Staff] 
"We're going to temporarily suspend our new students next year." 

[Incheon △△ Kindergarten Staff] 
"We need to set up a plan like the nearby kindergarten, but the directors are still postponing the discussion.." 

It's a rejection card for freshmen, and kindergarteners are moving to protest. 

Parents were furious. 

[Parents A] 
"I'm so angry. If an educator does that, of course not." 

[Parents B] 
" I need to act responsibly, 'BITE ME' is way ..." 

The petition requires approval from the education office and consent from parents, but there is no way to impose a boycott on freshmen. 

This is why some point out that kindergartens do nothing but perform at school without trying to self-serve. 

Kim Kyung-soo, governor of South Gyeongsang Province, looks thirsty. 

This is Cho Won-jin, a member of the Korean Patriotic Party, asking questions at the parliamentary inspection session. 

What was the situation? 

[Joon Jin / Rep. of the Korean Patriotic Party] 
"Have you seen Lee Jae-myung, governor of Korea, and I hope you will be able to respond so well. Don't get upset about why she asks that question. 
(delete) Gyeongin-seon Gyeonggong-mo, the chief of staff at that time, wasn' 

[Kim Kyung-soo / Gyeongnam Governor] 
As you said, I am responsible for the journey of the citizens of South Gyeongsang Province." 

[Joon Jin / Rep. of the Korean Patriotic Party] 
"Wait a minute. I didn't do the King's Lab in the Gyeonggongmo office. 

[Kim Kyung-soo / Gyeongnam Governor] 
Today, we are going to have a parliamentary audit of the South Gyeongsang Province government. 

As the National Assembly's parliamentary inspection of the National Assembly's National Security Council took place, Kim was questioned as well. 

Something that I couldn't laugh at happened. 

Cho also noted that its public institution of new recruits were found in South Kyongsang Province, 2015, most of us, Hong Joon-pyo, former governor of days, including the story was 16 years. 

Because of 'Hong 사설토토사이트 Joon-pyo, with one of the question of the former Gov.' 'It was a Hong Joon-pyo and trying to grab gimgyeongsu' is even talking about. 

So far, it's been a flash.

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