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North America Delayed, State Debate...靑 The Korean Peninsula Process Shaking

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 Moon Jae-in josoyeong a president has set ambitious second North American summit is a 'The Korean Peninsula ­ Peace Process' for delay, North Korea's national debate such as unexpected.Rolled with the works, and that after the presidential office's 'consideration of good atmosphere'.

He is focusing on quickly cleaning up the situation as he sees that there may be enough contingencies in the road map implementation process, while expressing his "strong will" towards the road map implementation. In particular, the focus seems to be on simple inter-Korean relations.

Cheong Wa Dae released a video of presidential chief of staff Lim Jong-seok's visit to the South and North Korean waters Wednesday. The video released through YouTube was about 3 minutes and 58 seconds, and Lim's impression on the site was included in the narration format.

In the video, Lim said, "The April 27 Panmunjom Declaration," which was drawn through the first inter-Korean summit between President Moon and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, will transform the Demilitarized Zone into a real peace zone."

"We estimate that there will be about 300 U.S. soldiers and French soldiers, including 200 Korean war dead," he said. It is our duty to remember the forgotten heroes." 

The South and North held the 10th inter-Korean general-level military talks at the Unification Hall in the North`s Panmunjom, and wrote down a total of six items in a press release to end the talks.

In Article 3, the South and the North mutually confirmed that the removal and road opening work for the joint excavation of inter-Korean waters in the Demilitarized Zone is under way, and the pilot excavation project will be conducted thoroughly from April 2019.

In addition, Cheong Wa Dae said, "The government's security policy and the highest-level planning document, the National Security Strategy Guide, will be published early next month and distributed to the public."

Cheong Wa Dae spokesman Kim Eui-gyeom said in a briefing on the day, "This is the purpose of expanding public consensus and securing international support."

While Mr. Moon has recently been at the center of the conversation with Pope Francis for his support for the peace process on the Korean Peninsula during his five-nation European tour, including France and Italy, he has made very slow progress toward the next stage.

The ideal picture of the peace process on the Korean Peninsula, originally sought by Mr. Moon and Cheong Wa Dae, was 'North Korea-U.S. summit talks, the declaration of the end of this year' and the visit of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

However, as the possibility of postponing the second North American summit to January of next year increases, the process has become distorted. On the other hand, after the end of the year, the ministers of the related ministries declared the end of the war, and the heads of state are talking about the final signing of the declaration.

In addition, there has been 토토사이트 controversy over whether or not North Korea should be recognized as a nation. "North Korea does not constitute a constitutional issue," Kim said in a Cabinet meeting on Thursday, as the opposition party itself said, "The Constitution and South Korea are not the same as President Moon's review of the September 19 Joint Declaration and the military agreement."

However, when it was judged that there would be more confusion and misunderstanding in North Korea, it lowered its tone regarding this topic on the 25th. "I think the legal aspects of how to define North Korea are not simple, but there are various aspects," Kim stressed. This quickly led to controversy over changing words.

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