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Rebellion of the Korean Party...The National Assembly's regular session of the 3rd Law on kindergartens virtually nullified.

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The three law on kindergartens (a bill on revising the Private School Act, the Infantry Education Act, and the School Lunch Act) to root out corruption in 토토픽private kindergartens within the regular session of the National Assembly has practically failed. 

The National Assembly's Education Committee planned to hold a subcommittee on legislation review on the 7th to review the three laws on kindergartens, but failed to change the rules. Some members of the Korean party are still negative about the revision of the punishment rules for kindergarten accounting other than the purpose of education. 

The leaders of the ruling and opposition parties have decided to discuss the issue again, but it is likely that it will be impossible to change the issue. An official of the Education Committee told a news conference on Wednesday that he could not meet with secretaries of the ruling and opposition parties today. "We haven't made any promises," he said. "The Korean party is protesting." "It is inevitable that the special meeting will be held in the future," 

To enhance the transparency of accounting for private kindergartens, the main issue, the Democratic Party and the Bareun Mirae Party are known to have created a temporary bill that will be enforced after one and a half years after the announcement.

However, Rep. Kwak Sang-sang of the South Korean party told reporters the previous day that he accepted the Democratic Party's proposal by saying that he wanted to punish the government's money by criminalizing it. "It is difficult to agree to criminal punishment because there are measures to be sanctioned, such as administrative disposition." He also stressed the dualization of national support and general accounting.

Rep. Im Jae-hoon, a secretary of the Bareun Future Party, said about Kwak's opposition, "This is how the situation came to be because it was interpreted as different from what I and Cho Seung-rae, secretary of the main opposition Democratic Party, talked about."

He said, "The situation is fundamentally different as we will discuss whether or not to implement the punishment by then." I don't think we can agree on it because we have different interpretations of it."

On the introduction of the grace period, Rep. Cho said, "We did so because there may be a period of preparation at the site." Kim also said, "Let`s still maintain partial accounting." It has been called parallel lines.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Party floor leader Hong Young-pyo and the Korean Party floor leader Kim Sung-tae reached a consensus in principle to pass the three law on kindergarten at the plenary session on Tuesday. 

Lim Jae-hoon, a lawmaker of the Bareun Mirae Party who the ruling and opposition parties decided to take an alternative measure, will introduce a national accounting system, operate a single account, cancel the current system of funding for the Nuri program, and draw up a penalty clause on the use of preschool accounting for educational purposes.

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